This is us!

We are Matt and Nikki Meek and we live here in the amazing Sid Valley with our family. 

Where we began

We started Sidmouth Bike studios in 2017 with 12 indoor cycling bikes, a trailer, lots of enthusiasm and rented space at a local community centre. We soon realised however, that we needed to find a space of our own to run the indoor cycling classes and by this time, we had also bought some weights for class exercise.

So, we set up our fitness studio at Alexandria Industrial Estate and from here we have continued to grow. We now have 19 Stages SC indoor cycling bikes, 18 sets of BodyW8 weights as well as PT equipment. 

What we do

We have evolved from only providing Indoor Cycling and are now an all round fitness studio running Indoor Cycling, BodyW8, Circuit Training, Bootcamp and Personal Training sessions.

We are here to help you reach your fitness goals whether you're totally new to exercise or striving to compete in an Ironman! Our team of instructors are full of enthusiasm, motivation and ready to get you moving!

Sidmouth Bike Studio's 2020

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