Dear Clients

With the numbers of COVID 19 cases increasing as we head into the colder months, please can we reiterate the following to ensure that we can all remain exercising safely at Sidmouth Bikes Studios.


  1. If you are showing ANY of the symptoms for COVID 19, please DO NOT attend classes at the studio.

  2. If you have had the virus, please DO NOT attend the classes until you have had 7 consecutive days clear of any symptoms.

  3. If you have been in contact with anyone who has the virus, please follow the Government Guidelines for self isolating and DO NOT attend the classes.

  4. When attending the classes, please sanitise your hands as soon as you arrive. 

  5. All equipment will have been cleaned prior to you attending the class but you are expected to clean the equipment you use once the class has finished. Cleaning materials are provided.

  6. Please maintain the 2m social distancing at all times and don't mix with other clients unless you are already in a 'bubble' with them.

  7. Please ensure that your belongings are contained and kept with you. We would advise that you only bring a water bottle, keys and phone (if necessary). All other belongings should be left at home or in your vehicle.

  8. If attending indoor classes, please ensure you wear a face mask into the studio and only remove it once you are on your allocated bike or by your allocated weights kit. Please ensure that the mask is replaced before leaving the studio.

  9. If attending indoor classes, please wait at the studio door (maintaining social distancing) to be directed to your exercise space.

  10. Please scan the COVID checker poster on arrival at the studio.


We want to keep the classes going as long as possible and your cooperation with these rules will really help us to do this.


Thank You!

Sidmouth Bike Studio's 2020

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