Why Do It


No Wind. No Rain. No Traffic Lights. No Traffic.

The structured sessions allow you to really test your limits without the interruptions and distractions of outdoor cycling. 

When you need to get the most out of your time, absolutely, the best place is inside. If you’re targeting heart rate or power zones, you’ll get the consistency that you need.



Get the Most Out Of 45 minutes

When you're indoors you eliminate the elements and maintain pedalling unlike the roads where you stop, start and coast down the hills which effectively break your session. 


With indoor cycling you'll get  a lot more pedalling for the same amount of time spent outdoors, giving you an overall greater benefit. 


You’ve Got the Numbers To Concentrate On

The bike's power meter provides you with all the data that you need to record your workout and see exactly what you're doing and what you've done. Using that information, you can analyze your efforts, as well as follow a prescribed plan. 

Having this data available right there on the bikes enables you to measure your power and set your targets to suit your training needs, ultimately achieving the goals you need indoors and maximise your goals outdoors.


Better Together


In a studio with a group of people, riding sessions with your friends helps you all find inspiration and motivation plus you’re much less worried about matching your speed with the rest of the pack if you’re just getting started.


Safety comes in to it as well with no cars for the pack to negotiate and if it’s a 7am hard session on the cards, others around you make it much easier to push yourself and hit your goal


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